John Success Story


My story goes in two directions. One upwards and the other downwards. I have been a good friend of Jacks for a long time. As Jack’s bodybuilding and training career was growing strong, my weight and health was going in the opposite direction. Jack’s help was always there and he always let me know it, no matter how upset I got hearing it! The long and short of it is I simply could not wait any longer.
As my weight climbed close to 300lbs I knew I had to act fast. There was only one call I had to make. We got right to business with a manageable meal plan and a cardio and resistance training program to match. The weight started coming off and more importantly I learned how to do it successfully my own.
Just as we started getting into the program I landed a job out of town and moved down south. With Jack’s help hundreds of miles away I was still able to accomplish my goal losing of 100lbs! I can’t thank Jack and the amazing staff at RTF enough for all their help and support!”