RTF Launches Find Your Fitness, A New Approach to Personal Training

RTF Launches Find Your Fitness, A New Approach to Personal Training

Real Training and Fitness (RTF) is proud to announce a new approach to personal training with a brand new program for 2017, called Find Your Fitness (FYF).

FYF is a low cost, four phase training program designed entirely with the client in mind. FYF takes a customized approach and is built entirely on the client’s level of comfort and abilities. The short-term, cost effective approach teaches clients the ways to unlock their fullest potential.

Jack Sullivan, owner of Real Training and Fitness says this program is unique to the Erie area, as well as a new approach in the personal training industry.

“We’ve had many clients come to us from the local big box gyms, unsatisfied with the lack of personalization in the workouts their personal trainers have given them,” said Jack. “The goal of Find Your Fitness is to create customized, client-specific programs that are built alongside the client to ensure they learn the proper techniques to achieve their goals.”

Another aspect that Jack says sets FYF apart from the competition is the consistent feedback from the trainer.

“Personal training typically consists of a trainer working alongside a client through workouts and providing verbal feedback throughout,” said Jack. “Find Your Fitness clients will receive this traditional style of feedback, but they will also receive regular written feedback as well. Remembering everything that the trainers verbally helped the client throughout the workout can be challenging – this way, clients will have written documentation they can reference when they’re not working with our trainer.”

Once the client is comfortable with their workout regimen, they have the choice to opt out and continue on their own, or continue with as much oversight from the RTF trainer as they’d like.